The Superbiker is a hottest hit to pursue tourism and recreation afloat! It is a type of a catamaran equipped with a screw propeller driven by any bicycle. The Surfbiker and bicycle are coupled together with a system of joints of aluminium supports in such a way that the rear wheel transmits the driving force to the propeller and the handlebar serves to steer. Pneumatic floaters are made of a special techno-polymer that is resistant to piercing. Thanks to those features, the Surfbiker is safe and very stable in water!

All of its subassemblies are made of high grade materials, which assures its durability for years! Assembly of the Surfbiker lasts several minutes and does not require any special skills. The whole unit weighs as little as 12 kg and fits in the firmware bag or bicycle sacks! Once assembled, there is not much to do, but launch it, mount it, and to pedal as one does on shore! The Surfbiker reaches a speed of up to 10 km/h, so it is much faster than a kayak, canoe or regular paddle boat! The bicycle's derailleur is operated as during a regular ride on shore enabling one to select the proper sprocket.

The Surfbiker supports the standard bicycles with 26" wheels and round tubes 30 to 47 mm in diameter. The rear wheel has to be secured with regular nuts in the frame. AND NOT WITH A QUICK CLAMPING DEVICE! The tyres have to be 1.75-2.00" in size. Please see the opposite figure.

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